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Go Ahead, Cut The Cord

Are you tired of paying insane amounts for cable and getting limited options for your TV entertainment? Look no further! We are proud to offer the ultimate TV streaming service with over 2,500 live TV and HDTV channels for your viewing pleasure. With the decline of paid US TV subscriptions, it’s evident that people are seeking more affordable and flexible options, and we deliver just that. Cut the cord and experience the freedom of choice with our unbeatable selection and affordable prices.
From local network stations to premium TV channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Epix, and Stars, we have the best choices at the best prices! Take advantage of our unlimited sports packages, (see next section), including popular favorites like NFL Ticket, MLB, NBA, Soccer, and worldwide sports. But that’s not all – we’ll even sweeten the deal with 2000+ free movies, and PPV Events included. Now you can watch all your favorite shows or sports on your TV, desktop, laptop, or favorite mobile device and sit back and enjoy your favorites without breaking the bank.

Our team of experts continually innovates and pushes the envelope when it comes to streaming technology, providing the latest features and capabilities to our customers.

Sports Coverage Needs! With our extensive selection of sports channels, you will never miss a game or sporting event again. You can now catch every touchdown, goal, basket, or home run from the comfort of your own home. From the fast-paced games of basketball and football to the high-octane thrills of motorsports, we have your sports interests covered.
Our comprehensive package includes 295 ESPN channels, which provide an unparalleled range of sports events, games, and news. We also have 11 Optus Sports channels, so you can keep up with the latest cricket, rugby, and soccer matches. Additionally, you can access 24 F1 TV channels that showcase some of the world’s best motor racing competitions.

Your Sports 'R' Us Headquarters

In addition to this impressive lineup, we offer local TV stations to provide you with an extra layer of convenience and personalized coverage for your sports preferences. You can enjoy our comprehensive sports coverage from the comfort of your home.
With over 400 basketball channels, including 55 NBA/WNBA channels and 84 NCAAB channels, you can catch every bounce and dunk of the basketball season. Hockey fans can watch 36 NHL/ECHL channels, while football enthusiasts can view 101 NFL channels. Baseball fans can access 91 MLB channels, and collegiate football is well-catered with 87 NCAAF channels.
Moreover, we have 55 NCAAW channels to provide extensive coverage of women’s sports events. Sports fans in Asia can also access SuperSports/now sports channels, while Peacock Sports channels present comprehensive coverage of various sports events. Lastly, our package includes 40 channels from DAZN that feature a variety of sports competitions.

We offer the highest quality streaming services and are committed to delivering the best streaming experience possible.

A Glimpse Of Our LIVE TV Channel Lineup

Our team of experts continually innovates and pushes the envelope when it comes to streaming technology, providing the latest features and capabilities to our customers.

We have such an assortment of channels that will satisfy anyone's needs for TV and at the best prices to boot! Go ahead, you know you want to try it out. And to make it even easier, we offer an introductory rate of only $9.99, watch for a whole 30 days before you decide. 

What People Are Saying

Robert J Henderson

I was using fubo at $64.99 a month and wasnt getting half as much as I get here on eutv for $40 bucks less! This is totally worth it. Easy to install and confiqure on your laptop or tv. Excellent product, highly recommend it


Mary Williams

I bought this with the sole aim of watching it on my PC since my daughter always use the living room TV to watch her kids program. I downloaded the app to my bedroom tv and the rest is history. I can watch all my programs both on my laptop or my cell phone. The incredible thing I like about this, is the many channels I can watch which is so amzing.


Alex Betan

I highly recommend this product!!! I wasn't quite getting how to set it up, I'm not a pc kind of person. I called eUTV's help and had them talk me through it and they were great. I can watch my shows wherever I am now. A great product. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

NOTE: eUTV works on Android Devices, Amazon FireSticks and Droid Emulators.
eUTV will NOT work on Roku since they use a closed operating system that does not allow for 3rd party applications.

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Basic instructions

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