Installing eUTV on Microsoft PC

Step by Step Instructions With Pictures

Whether you using Windows (10 or 8.1) or MacBook (Air or Pro), you need to install an Android Emulator to get the Cinema APK app running correctly. Your options for Android Emulators are BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. We chose to go with the BlueStacks 4, so that’s the one we will be using in the demonstration below. (BlueStacks 4 is 635 MB, whereas the NoxPlayer is 661 MB.)
1. Open your Internet browser and type in bluestacks.
2. Click on the BlueStacks link
3. Download BlueStacks
Wait for the installation to complete. Since it is 635 MB, it may take several minutes depending on the speed of your internet.
4. Once the download is complete, install BlueStacks  on your computer. (See pictures below)

5. Click to install BlueStack File
You will see several different screens prior to finishing the download, they are as follows:

6. Click on the Install now button at the bottom.
Wait for BlueStack to finish installing.

If you are having problems downloading this program, try pausing your antivirus program.

Once download is complete, it should load itself up on your main screen, you should see this window.

7. You are ready to install the eUTV apk, but first, you need to open the sidebar. Click on the double arrows at the top right hand side of the window.
You should see the icons on the right hand side of the screen.

8. Click on the icon that downloads APK files. (see picture)
9. You should have downloaded the eUTV file by now and have it in your download folder. If not, minimize this window and go back to your eUTV welcome email and click on the link to download the file.
You should be seeing the following directory picture. 
9. Highlight the latest eUTV file and click the open button at the bottom right.
That should install the eUTV App inside of BlueStack. (see picture)
10. Now double click on the eUTV icon to open the eUTV App.
At this point, you should be viewing the login window.

When you log-in for the first time you should see the following window.

Now click on the add user button at the right top of the window.

At this point you should be in … 

Oh and don’t forget to install your EPG, Electronic Programming Guide. It can be found at the bottom of this window. 

Once it’s installed you should see the following screen.

Click on the EPG icon and start watching the obscene amount of TV channels we offer.
Don’t forget to download your bonus movie app to watch even more movies. The link can be found in your instruction email we sent you.
UPDATE: As of early Oct 2021, we will be moving anyone who has one of our eUTV plans over to our new eUTV Plus plans for no additional charge. Now get all your movies inside of eUTV and never have to leave the eUTV app EVER!
The eUTV Plus App should be live by the end of the month, once it’s ready, we will be sending out email notices to all existing eUTV owners.
Tnx, the eUTV Team.